Protection & best look for many years to come:


Your composter is a beautiful piece of garden furniture that is exposed to any sort of weather and solar radiation.

We therefore recommend that you embed your composter – at least the lid – with a UV Wood Protection Stain.

Many of our customers ask us which product they should take. Thanks to our past experiences, we can recommend the JOTUN Demidekk Terrasslasyr in 4 selected hues  (a product of premium quality class).

Due to their ability withstand extreme weather conditions, JOTUN oils are used especially in shipbuilding.

Of course, the decision is left up to you whether you want this sort of protection. You may also choose to use a more favorable (oil-based) product from the hardware store.

  • Durability
    Protection from UV fungi/UV radiation for at least 2 years (depending on weather conditions, up to 4 years) – then, repeat the process
  • Application
    Paint on 1x by brush, let dry for 1 hour, repeat.
    (1 liter is sufficient for one composter.)
  • Note on the shades
    Website Look: Natural fiber 100% visible
    Antique Look: Nut fiber 25% visible
    Classic Look: Chestnut fiber 50% visible
    Modern Look: Stone Grey fiber 5% visible