Description, Dimension

  • Material: Made of durable polypropylene with an elastic effect, recycled plastic
  • With wind protection for the cover
  • 2 compost regulators for adjusting the support device (heap is not laying on the ground with its full weight)
  • Max annual capacity: 2.800 litres of mixed normal household waste; (equivalent to the annual amount of a 120-litre compost bin emptied out every 2 weeks)
  • Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 115 cm (lxbxh)
  • Quick installation of the 8 wall elements with clips (easily assembled)
  • Examined & tested by the Technical University of Graz – Joanneum Research Center


The SUPERCOMP is manufactured in a distance process from food-grade recycled plastic (polypropylene) under addition of lime for extra strengthening. Nevertheless, a certain elasticity remains, which in turn balances the acting forces and diminishes the danger the plastic tearing under extreme weather conditions (hard plastic easily tears in extreme heat). The lateral “stayers” are reinforced, and continuous lamellae further strengthen the construction so maximum stability is given. When full, a SUPERCOMP is rock solid, so even strong winds cannot mess with it. Polypropylene is considered the most environmentally friendly plastic and is fully recyclable.

The clips are made of polyamide. The floor plate is made of weather-resistant polypropylene (1.500 grams per square meter) and is 8 mm thick.