What distinguishesSUPERCOMP
from a conventional composter?

Conventional composting

Many conventional composters, without technical inner workings, are virtually often just simple containers.

During composting, the following disadvantages may occur:


The new composting with SUPERCOMP

The SUPERCOMP 3-advantages-technology with the patented support system eliminates the disadvantages of conventional composting:

Conventional composting

A composter (without special techniques) should be dismantled several times a year while moving the pile.

Composting with SUPERCOMP

The moving of the pile becomes obsolete.
Just fill the waste in through the top and remove the finished compost from the bottom.

Why does the moving of the pile become obsolete?

Conventional composting

Due to a lack of ventilation to the core of the pile, unpleasant smells could begin being emitted.

Compostin with SUPERCOMP

Neither you nor your neighbours will be bothered by unpleasant smells. The SUPERCOMP is ventilated fully vertically.

Why are there no unpleasant smells?

Conventional composting

The composting process takes longer and less waste is processed.

Composting with SUPERCOMP

The SUPERCOMP processes up to 3x as much waste at a much faster rate.

Why is the performance so high?

The unique 3-benefit-technology.

No more turning the heap.

Fill the waste in through the top.
Remove the ready compost from the bottom.

How does the SUPERCOMP actually work during operation?

Run-in phase of approximately 6 weeks

Throw in loose material such as old compost, bark mulch or straw, forming a cushion of about 20 cm in height. Add bio-waste from the garden or kitchen.

Remove cushion

The organic waste is now composted to the extent that they form a cohesive mass which is supported by the device. The cushion can now be taken out from the bottom (while forming a cave) and are thrown into the composter from the top again.

Installation complete

The SUPERCOMP is now completely operational. The heap is no longer with its full weight on the floor, and is therefore being continuously ventilated vertically – even at its core. The finished compost can be removed gradually from the harvesting chamber. The often recommended turning of the compost heap – as in conventional composting, without technology – is not necessary.

The unique 3-benefit-technology.

A world-wide new composting standard.

The new composting standard…

  • Short video of only 1:29 min.
Joanneum Research has tested and inspected the SUPERCOMP
The Joanneum Research Institute of the University of Technology of Graz (Austria) led empirical studies on the practicability and efficiency of the individual SUPERCOMP compost systems. The composting of organic waste by SUPERCOMP resulted in plant-tolerated compost after a rotting duration of 12 weeks, a volume reduction of 80% and a reduction of the organic components of 64%.
Will "only" one composter in my garden be enough?
When purchasing a composter, performance should be considered (similar to when, for example, purchasing a car), as this is what decides whether only one composter is enough, or if a second or a third one are needed. Since a SUPERCOMP reduces waste by 80% within 6 weeks, up to 3x as much waste can be processed than in traditional composting.
Does your compost pile provide sufficient comfort to its inhabitants?
The compost creatures are responsible for the rapid composting process, only working at full strength if they are provided with
  • constantly fresh food (waste)
  • and sufficient air
  • in an absolutely quiet environment
For the first time composting only oranges worldwide
In a test series done by the Institute of Process Engineering of the University of Technology of Graz in which only oranges were composted in a SUPERCOMP. This test can therefore be considered as difficult, since the decomposition of oranges lasts much longer than other types of waste, and due to their high nitrogen content, other forms of bio waste must also be mixed in to even be able to compost the oranges.

What others
are saying about us …

It was perfectly easy to assemble yesterday and is now happily composting in a corner of our small garden.  It is the second Supercomp that we have bought and we are very pleased with it. (more)

12.11.2018 Richard, Southsea, United Kingdom

Wir haben einen “Supercomp” der ersten Generation und sind immer noch begeistert von der Effizienz des Komposters. (more)

R.K. 60547 Rüsselsheim, Deutschland

Wir sind sehr zu zufrieden damit und hätte schon früher kompostieren sollen. (more)

P.M., Glashütten/Ts., Deutschland

Wir hatten bis zur Anschaffung des Supercomp Komposters einige andere Modelle in Verwendung, (more)

M.K., St. Ruprecht, Österreich

Das Kompostieren funktioniert hervorragend. Das Kompostgut riecht frisch und aromatisch. (more)

H.H., Herrsching, Deutschland

Eine schnelle und reibungslose Lieferung, ein unkomplizierter Zusammenbau. (more)

Hans D.E., Leer, Deutschland

Ich habe vor zwei Jahren 2 Stück Supercomp 350 L Komposttonnen von Ihnen angeschafft und bin mehr als zufrieden damit. (more)

Feodor H, Hardegsen, Deutschland

Lieber Herr Schmidl, wie versprochen, melde ich mich nachdem der Komposter nun einige Wochen in Betrieb ist. (more)

Ingrid V., Zürich, Schweiz

Hier unsere Erfahrung mit dem SUPERCOMP. Lange Zeit haben wir nach einem Gartenkomposter gesucht der uns zufrieden stellt. (more)

Familie A., Weyregg am Attersee, Österreich


Renate R., Strasswalchen, Österreich

Innerhalb von 2 Tagen zugestellt, (more)

Verona D., Leipzig, Deutschland

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Friedrich K., Winterthur, Schweiz

Eccellente venditore, ottimo prodotto (more)

Nico M., Castellana Grotte, BA, Italia

Schnelle Lieferung, schönes Teil, hoffe dass es so funktioniert. (more)

Cornelia S., Mittelbiberach, Deutschland

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Areas of use

Further uses of the SUPERCOMP

Is it possible to use SUPERCOMP solely for the lawn?
Yes, it is possible. Why?
Yes. Why?
Is SUPERCOMP also a thermo-composter?
Can the SUPERCOMP also be used as a worm composter?
Yes, of course. How?
Yes. Why?
Is SUPERCOMP also a rapid composter?

3 times as fast – 3 times as much.