How much fertilizer I can harvest a year, and how much money can I save with the composting?

Compost is not only the best addition for all soils, but also the cheapest, because it is made from your kitchen and garden waste.

In an average garden of up to 500 m2, about 0.5 m3 of compost can be harvested annually. In home gardens, involving hedge clippings and kitchen waste, it is estimated to be about 1m3 more. 1000 kg of compost (about 600 liters) correspond to 60 buckets. Comparatively, 1 bag of organic seed compost (15kg) costs approximately 6.30€ in a garden market (source: Indicative price from international garden center chain). Through self-production, several thousand Euros a year can be saved, respectively. Composting is worth it, and the purchasing costs of a composter amortize very quickly.


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