How long does it take for will plant-compatible compost to be made from my lawn clippings?

The SUPERCOMP was tested by the renowned institute of the Graz University of Technology,  Joanneum Research

(Austria), in the experimental testing “Reaktortonne Grasschnitt” (“reactor tons and cut grass”), and came to the following results: Based on a total throughput of 910 liters over a period of 12 weeks and a residual amount of 160 liters, the volume was reduced by approximately 82%. The reduction of the volume was not constant, but it reached its peak in the 6th to 8th week, under the given experimental conditions. In time, these reduction results average to about 35% per week of rotting. With respect to the compost weight, a weight reduction of 150 kg was revealed within 12 weeks of rotting.

The composting of grass clippings in a SUPERCOMP from exclusively fresh grass cuttings leads to plant-tolerated composts after a rotting duration of 12 weeks, a reduction in volume by 80% with a reduction of the organic components of 64%.

Comparatively, regular composters need a rotting time of about 12-24 months –  with unpleasant side effects!


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