What is the quality of self-produced compost?

The most important aspect of composting is that you even know exactly what is in your compost. This gives you the security that you aren’t damaging your soil with pollutants as you may be doing with industrial compost (find more information about that here).

Compost contains over 1 billion living beings per cubic cm and is sanitized by the work of nature, therefore making more valuable fertilizer which in turn provides your plants with many defense substances (e.g. penicillin) against diseases, fungus and pests. The SUPERCOMP offers the best possible living and reproduction conditions (full ventilation in the inner core piles) to compost creatures, who are responsible for the processing of organic waste, making a fast recovery of nutrient-rich, high-quality compost possible.

Easily add fresh compost to your garden under bushes and trees, sprinkle it on the lawn, and spread it in the vegetable garden.

The compost removed from the storage chamber can be stored and stocked outdoors without deterioration of the soil or the air quality. In addition to its fertilization effect and the pest repellents, compost also serves as a water reservoir and soil improver.


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