What materials are used in the SUPERCOMP wood composters, and how environmentally friendly are these?

A SUPERCOMP wooden composter is made of local pine thermo wood in the durability class 1-2 (tropical wood quality). The substances in which wood-destroying microorganisms (fungi) can live are withdrawn from the wood in a completely organic, thermal process under controlled heating(where there is no food there is also no fungus).

Inside, the wood is protected by attached hollowed polypropylene wall sheets. Polypropylene is considered the most environmentally friendly plastic, and is fully recyclable. The intelligent hollow chamber system saves valuable raw materials, in contrast to full plastic.

The beneficial properties of heat-treated wood:

  • Increased durability (against fungus and weathering) – also inside the wood
  • Reduced swelling and shrinking mass
  • Increased dimensional stability
  •  Reduction of internal stress of wood
  • Moisture of the wood is reduced, meaning that in the same ambiance, thermo wood has a 70% lower moisture content than untreated wood
  • New colors possibilities, ranging from a warm brown to a smoky black
  • All color changes are consistent and homogeneous across the profile
  • Better thermal insulation properties than untreated wood


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