What should I do when the rotting material is too dry due to the heat?

“The compost process can not really get underway, meaning the rotting comes closer and closer to a standstill if the compost is too dry. Compost creatures like moist environments, making composting impossible when there is a lack of moisture. The optimal consistency of compost is similar to a sponge; you can recognize to dry compost by it being cracked, crumbly or when it contains ants. Therefore, you should avoid installing your composter in placed where it will be directly in the sun light (and place a shrub in the sunny area).

If the compost is too dry, just “”water”” it and add a shovel of rock meal. This also helps the sliding elements be “”oiled”” and increases the sliding speed. New waste (such as fresh grass and wet kitchen waste) bring the process back on track. Furthermore, you can take a little bit of compost from the harvest chamber and add it back to the pile, because it contains the microorganisms necessary for the compost process and restart it again faster.”
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