Why are high temperatures of up to 80° at all possible?

In conventional methods, the process of composting takes at least 12-24 months. Here, the thermo composter acts like a turbo, because with SUPERCOMP, you can already after harvest compost after 6-8 weeks.

Ventilation with sufficient oxygen – even in the pile’s innermost core – is the decisive factor for optimal thermal development.

With its patented sliding and supporting device, a SUPERCOMP is fully ventilated vertically from bottom to top (chimney effect). This way, these temperatures can be reached all the way through. This effect is due to compost bacteria, which – provided they are adequately supplied with air – also produce heat. No matter the filling material, the SUPERCOMP can warm up to 80°C in only a few days with the addition of e.g. 200 liters or more of fresh grass clippings.


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