Why is the development of heat from composting so important?

These temperatures (at least more than 50 °) are needed to kill pathogens and weed seeds (sanitation). Due to the high heat development, the material is heated t up to 80 ° in a SUPERCOMP (depending on the amount and type of filler material, with the addition of e.g. fresh grass clippings, it will heating up to 80 ° within just a few days).

In winter, of course, these temperatures are not possible; and if the pile freezers, by the way, it is not a tragedy, since that has been normal in nature for billions of years: and in the spring, everything comes back to life. Anyone who wants to prevent freezing in the composter would probably pack it with similarly thick insulation as the one used in building a house, as 2 cm thick plastic or wooden walls are far from sufficient.


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