Should I perforate the floor plate in order to create contact with the ground?

It is often claimed that the compost pile needs an open connection to the ground for the creatures to get inside the pile.

From a technical perspective it can be said that this is not true. The compost process works purely by bacteria, such as in large composting plants, where heaps are dumped on solid ground. Our lab tests – among others in the composting of “only” oranges – done with the Joanneum Research Institute of the University of Technology of Graz have been carried out in a shed on a concrete floor.

Therefore, composting with the SUPERCOMP on closed ground, terraces etc. is possible. The base plate is impermeable to water and thus protects the surface. The smooth surface of the plate facilitates compost removal from the harvest chamber.

From a holistically ecological perspective, the following applies:

A connection to the ground is advantageous, but can also be replaced by the introduction of “compost life”, for example by adding 2-3 buckets of raw compost or rotting leaves with compost worms into the composter. The ecosystem can also grow this way, and creatures can wander through the small gaps in the removal flap below at night.


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