Should I “inoculate” the SUPERCOMP immediately at startup with compost worms?

If you place the SUPERCOMP in the garden, you actually don’t need to “inoculate” it, because compost critters can crawl in themselves via the small openings and the removal flap “move” within just a few days.

On solid ground (asphalt, concrete), we strongly recommend an initial inoculation with 300-500 compost worms. If you provide your composter regularly with fresh waste, then the population will keep replicating itself very quickly and your SUPERCOMP will become a proper worm composter.

Basically, the more compost worms, the faster the decomposition process. If you already have a compost pile, you can take its worms for a cost-efficient inoculation. Or, you can “collect” worms in nature – under leaves, in the forest or in fresh waste.

Of course you can also purchase compost worms from retailers or  online.

Note: In a SUPERCOMP, the compost creatures do not suffer from lack of air and do not need to be “moved”. You can find out why this is so important when composting and why SUPERCOMP creates ideal living conditions for compost creatures  here.


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