Can I relieve the environment through composting?

Of course.

DIY Composting has many benefits and protects the climate and environment:

  • Waste Prevention: bio waste lands neither in the residual waste nor do you need a separate bin for it. Around one third of all waste is organic waste.
  • Climate protection: In self-composted manure there are no carbon emissions for neither production nor transport as is the case with synthetic fertilizers, plant earth or plant protection products.
  • Nature Conservation: Compost can replace peat in the garden, thus protecting the bogs.
  • Natural fertilizer: compost provides natural nutrients from which the plants take only as much as they need. No nitrate is washed out into the groundwater.
  • Soil Improvement: compost has a high storage capacity for water and ensures good ventilation of the soil.
  • Pest control: plants fertilized with compost are more resistant to pests.


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