I live in a residential area, can I compost here?

Here is a photo. This composter has been in a downtown courtyard since 2008 (between 6 houses with about 130 inhabitants). A neighbor tried to ban the composter officially, but this was denied by the authorities after on-site inspection due to a lack of evidence of the any bad smell. If you want to compost only your own waste and operate the SUPERCOMP yourself, composting in residential areas is not a problem for small gardens.

If a settlement wants to composted together, we definitely recommend the installation be done by a responsible person who should also regularly perform the following actions:

  • Check for contamination of the waste
  • Check for moisture level and compost process
  • Remove the finished compost


Experience has shown that composting in settlements with “anonymous” residents oftentimes leads to problems, since many people unfortunately lack the necessary awareness for composting.


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