Do I need a compost accelerator?

No. Within a short period of time, a SUPERCOMP forms its own ecosystem (biocenosis) with numerous compost organisms that are responsible for the composting process. In order to put the ecosystem in transition even faster, you can „inoculate“ your SUPERCOMP with compost worms.

To maintain the optimum balance, you should from time check to the humidity level inside. The optimum condition of the compost is like a squeezed out sponge. You can recognize dry compost by its cracked, crumbly structure or when ants are inside. In this case, “water” it a little bit and add a shovel full of rock meal. If the rotting is too wet, the ventilation – and thus, the composting process – is disturbed. You must then add some “woody” materials, such as straw, dry grass, bark mulch, paper napkins, paper bags and rotting leaves. Furthermore, you can add 2-3 scoops of fresh raw compost from the harvest chamber, because it contains microorganisms necessary for the composting process and brings the it back in transition faster.


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