Where can I purchase compost worms?

We have a cooperation with www.wurmwelten.de that give our customers a 5% discount. You get the discount code when ordering the SUPERCOMP, which you can then redeem for purchase of compost worms. Otherwise, you can purchase compost worms with other online providers or specialist shops. The more worms you use, the better, but for the first inoculation, 300-500 worms is usually enough.


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Should I “inoculate” the SUPERCOMP immediately at startup with compost worms?

If you place the SUPERCOMP in the garden, you actually don’t need to “inoculate” it, because compost critters can crawl in themselves via the small openings and the removal flap “move” within just a few days.

On solid ground (asphalt, concrete), we strongly recommend an initial inoculation with 300-500 compost worms. If you provide your composter regularly with fresh waste, then the population will keep replicating itself very quickly and your SUPERCOMP will become a proper worm composter.

Basically, the more compost worms, the faster the decomposition process. If you already have a compost pile, you can take its worms for a cost-efficient inoculation. Or, you can “collect” worms in nature – under leaves, in the forest or in fresh waste.

Of course you can also purchase compost worms from retailers or  online.

Note: In a SUPERCOMP, the compost creatures do not suffer from lack of air and do not need to be “moved”. You can find out why this is so important when composting and why SUPERCOMP creates ideal living conditions for compost creatures  here.


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Why are compost worms so valuable?

Compost worms (Eisenia fetida, Tennessee Wiggler, Red Californian …) are valuable helpers in the process of composting, and accelerate the degradation of your waste. The vermicompost obtained by the composting process includes a multiple of nutrients, as opposed to purely bacterially produced compost.

In any compost pile there are earthworms. The red wiggler worm, also known as compost worm (eisenia foetida) can eat half of its own weight daily. In good conditions, with adequate moisture and food supply, it multiplies rapidly. The earthworm provides a lumpy structure in the compost material, which can distribute oxygen better through the compost.

The compost worms love freshly rotted material, and stay approximately 20 cm below the surface, making them invisible inside the SUPERCOMP. They overwinter in cocoons, from which young worm slip out of again in the spring (from 6°C on).

Compost contains over 1 billion living beings per cubic centimeter, and is sanitized by nature, making it a valuable fertilizer which provides your plants with many defense substances (for example, penicillin) against diseases, fungus and pests. The SUPERCOMP offers the ideal living conditions (full aeration in the inner core piles) for the multiplication of the compost organisms, which are responsible for the processing of organic waste, making it possible to rapidly create high-quality, nutrient-rich compost. 1 kg of compost worms cost more on the market than the best meat from your butcher, and produce expensive worm humus.

Did you know that …..

  • Earthworms live to be three to ten years old!
  • The boys hatch after 21 days (depending on weather conditions)!
  • The earthworm is sexually mature after 60 -90 days!
  • Earthworm excrement contains enzymes which kill pathogens, thus contributing to soil health!
  • Up to a million earthworms live under a soccer field!
  • Earthworm create 5 times more nitrogen, 7 times more phosphorus and 11 times more potash than what the surrounding soil contains!
  • Earthworm excrement is pH-neutral and therefore counteracts the soil acidification!


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Why is the SUPERCOMP the ideal worm composter?

The compost creatures responsible for rapid composting process only work at full strength when provided them with

  • constant fresh food (waste)
  • and sufficient air
  • in an absolutely quiet environment


Compost creatures need a lot of rest. The compost worms flee immediately when disturbed. In SUPERCOMP nothing is moved, because the pile doesn’t need to be
turned or moved around . Auch die Kompostregler müssen nach der ersten Einstellung nicht mehr bewegt werden.

The continuous and complete ventilation of SUPERCOMP is possible due to its patented support system, supplying the compost worms and all other living beings, and also the compost heap’s innermost core, with sufficient oxygen, making it possible for the compost creatures  to perform their work even there. Compost worms avoid zones that have a lack of air and do their work there very slowly.

Conventional composter (mostly from the low-price segment) without special technology are nothing more than compost piles lying on the ground in a plastic sheath, often letting even less air into the pile as they would without a shell. The heavy and burdensome compost pile, which is  on the ground, additionally compacted by its own weight, only provides scarce and inadequate ventilation. For more information about the  problems with conventional composting can be found here.

A SUPERCOMP provides ideal living condition for worm multiplication. The waste is decomposed incredibly fast.



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