Will “only” one composter in my garden be enough?

When purchasing a composter, performance should be considered (similar to when, for example, purchasing a car), as this is what decides whether only one composter is enough, or if a second or a third one are needed.

Since a SUPERCOMP reduces waste by 80% within 6 weeks, up to 3x as much waste can be processed than in traditional composting, where the compost heap is laying on the ground with full weight. This of course, also increases the cost and work involved. Saving money in the wrong place then often leads to frustration, as we know it from emails from new customers who are finally looking for a composter that “really” works.

Determine your required SUPERCOMP composting performance with a simple formula:
Number of 10-litre-pails fully filled with organic per week x 52 weeks = Required SUPERCOMP liters

Example of required composting performance in an average household with a garden:
ø 3 x 10l-bucket / week x 52 weeks = 1,560 litres or 156 buckets

The SUPERCOMP year Transcript:
• Thermo Wood Composter 650 L volume: 5,400 litres / year = 540 buckets
• Thermo Wood Composter 305 L volume: 2,500 litres / year = 250 buckets
• Recycling PP Composter 350 L volume: 2,800 litres / year = 280 buckets

Note: This formula applies to waste in normal domestic setting and applies to the SUPERCOMP (not other composters).

About the price
Composter come for free in the form of compost heaps. Cheap composters are usually barrels coated in plastic without internal technology (= enveloped compost heap) and may have the problems described on www.komposter.com. Professional composters with internal technology are more than just “tons”, have many more advantages and are, in comparison, also more expensive. SUPERCOMP composters are rapid composters with the 3-benefits-technology, and process organic waste up to 3 times faster than compost piles resting on the ground. For this reason, a SUPERCOMP (305/350 liters) is usually enough for an average household with a garden size of up to 500 m2. Many of our customers are surprised about how much waste you can fill in a SUPERCOMP and how quickly the piles reduce.

The difference to cheap composters
SUPERCOMP as one of the most price-worthy “no turn” composters in a price comparison