Does your compost pile provide sufficient comfort to its inhabitants?

The compost creatures are responsible for the rapid composting process, only working at full strength if they are provided with

  • constantly fresh food (waste)
  • and sufficient air
  • in an absolutely quiet environment

Compost creatures need a lot of rest. The compost worms flee immediately when disturbed. In SUPERCOMP nothing is moved, because the pile doesn’t need to be turned or moved around. The compost regulators also don’t have to be moved after their initial set-up.

The continuous and complete ventilation of SUPERCOMP is possible due to its patented support system, supplying the compost worms and all other living beings, and also the compost heap’s innermost core, with sufficient oxygen, making it possible for the compost creatures to perform their work even there. Compost worms avoid zones that have a lack of air and do their work there very slowly.

Conventional composter (mostly from the low-price segment) without special technology are nothing more than compost piles lying on the ground in a plastic sheath, often letting even less air into the pile as they would without a shell. The heavy and burdensome compost pile, which is on the ground, additionally compacted by its own weight, only provides scarce and inadequate ventilation. For more information about the problems with conventional composting can be found here.

A SUPERCOMP provides ideal living condition for worm multiplication. The waste is decomposed incredibly fast.