Why is the performance so high?

Conventional composting

Why do conventional composters without technology usually have less power?

The conventional compost heap lays on the ground with its full weight, automatically compacting itself with its own weight, letting less and less air flow through it.

Composters without technology are nothing less than enveloped compost piles, which often let even less air in than the ones that aren’t covered.

The compost creatures suffer from lack of air, which makes them work a lot slower in heaps that are laying on the ground.

Additionally, they are disturbed during the moving, making them “escape” and multiply less than they potentially could.

Fewer and slower workers can not perform at their best capacity under these living conditions.


A conventional composter without technology processes up to 2/3 less bio-waste at the same amount of litres. Due to this low power, one composter is not often enough and a second one needs to be purchased.

Composters which leave their piles laying on the floor also cause other disadvantages, such as:


  • Often creating bad smells
  • Needing to be moved frequently

The new composting with SUPERCOMP

“Why can a SUPERCOMP work with so much more power?”

Since the pile is not laying on the ground with its full weight, being instead held up by the support device, it is continuously vertically ventilated at its inner core.

This way, the compost creatures can process the waste under the best conditions, as they are always supplied with sufficient oxygen and aren’t disturbed by moving the pile around.

This speeds up the composting process by up to 3 times.


A SUPERCOMP processes up to 3 times as much waste at the same filling volume:


Regular Composter

Why is the performance so important?

  • I want to quickly harvest compost (up to 3 times faster)
  • For processing the same amount of waste I need just one instead of up to three composters


In addition to high performance, SUPERCOMP offers even more advantages:

  • No bad smells
  • No more moving of the pile

Further related effects: